Monday, March 10, 2008

The Point

I'm getting there...or I will...before April 16 when this assignment is due.

Inspiration delves from my relatively recent interest in black women playing guitar. This is not new. Black women have been playing guitar for a long time, but I would argue that it is still seen and treated as a novelty. Hell, the same still goes for black MEN now except for Hendrix. Wait, perhaps he's now seen as the ultimate novelty...this despite black folks playing the blues, rock-and-roll, country and jazz on and with guitars for a century.

Upfront, I am new to all of this and it will show again and again, but I have a heartfelt interest and strong determination to bring out black women's history and present as revolved around guitars. I want to create a space and place where they can be learned about, talked about, seen and heard, possibly.

I don't want them to be forgotten. I want black women to see another side of our legacy. Hell, I want EVERYONE to; not including those already well in-the-know...

The plan is to school myself as much as is and listen and think. Oh, and of course talk when I can with whomever is willing to hear my newbie thoughts and answer my newbie questions.

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