Monday, March 16, 2009

Oh boy

So I thought I knew what I wanted my dissertation to be about, but now it seems like my heart is calling me to do oral history work with black women guitarists. This is what really excites me the most, the idea of interviewing them, contributing to some sort of archive on their behalf. They need to be remembered and honored and recognized so they can continue to inspire generations of black girls to pick up guitars and play and know that that instrument is at home in their hands and not just in a white man's hands, or a white woman's hands or a black man's hands. It is our instrument too.

I've got to decide who though...likely, older women in their 70s before it's too late to catch up to them in their 80s. And then I have got to find them and then Dear God, my learning curve is steep. Summer I will drown myself in research and catch up to a professor who can help school me and give me bibliography.

I am praying about this. I need some doors and windows to open up on my behalf and show me the path I should go down