Monday, March 10, 2008

Evergreen Questions

1. What are/were their eras?
2. How did they learn how to play guitar?
3. Which guitar(s) do/did they play?
4. Are/were they also songwriters?
5. Do they have any albums?
6. What kind of recognition have they received?
7. Any music videos or live recorded performances of them?
8. How do/did they understand themselves?
9. Who are/were their male and female influences?
10. Who were/are their peers?
11. Did/do they tour?
12. Were they married?
13. How did they get their "big break/s"?
14. Where do/did they live?
15. What style(s) of music do/did they play?
16. Who did they collaborate with?
17. What about issues of sexuality?
18. Do/did they make a living wage?

Any feminist/racial/political/intellectual sensibilities?

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