Friday, July 18, 2008

Doria Roberts

Sigh...I really needed her when I was going through my white girls with guitar (and piano) phase, discovering feminism and what not back in the high school days. I am late to her and mad about it, but anyways, this song really is PERFECT! She is awesome. I could say she oughtta be crazy famous by now, but, gets old saying that about a lot of clever people.


queenesther said...

i love your website! thanks for this clip. it's much appreciated.

by the way -- you may want to consider adding singer/songwriter/guitarist barbara roy (of the group Ecstasy, Passion & Pain) to your roster of female guitarists from the 70s. it's quite a kick to see them on a show like soul train from back in the day -- with her playing guitar and the guys in the group dancing and singing back ups. (heh.)


ps: btw, she's alive and well and still playing and recording.

HappyBrownGirl said...

Yay! Thanks so much!!!!